Friday, April 30, 2010

Design Patteren names in C++

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Here is the next part of Design Pattern:-

There are so many design patterns, and also there are so many ways to organize or group them together. But, the most famous gang -"Gang of Four", have grouped all the design patterns in based on these two criteria:

   1. What's purpose of this pattern?
       --The purpose can be either creational, structural or behavioral
   2. What's the scope of this pattern?
      --The scope can be either primarily on class level or on object level.

It'll be much better if we can see all the design patterns in a tabular format based on the above two classifications. Yes, and here they are:-

If we see at the table above we'll find how beautifully the patterns have been classified under the Purpose and the Scope. For example, the design pattern 'Factory Method' whose purpose is creational and its primary scope of application is a class, whereas 'Decorator' is under structural pattern and its primary scope of implementation is an object.

We'll define each design patterns one by one, and try to know how they are actually implemented. For now, just try to be familiar with all the names at least.

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