Friday, April 30, 2010

Design Patteren names in C++

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Here is the next part of Design Pattern:-

There are so many design patterns, and also there are so many ways to organize or group them together. But, the most famous gang -"Gang of Four", have grouped all the design patterns in based on these two criteria:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Let's know 'Design Patterns' in C++

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Now a days, everyone in object-oriented software community talks about design patterns, which was not known very well just a few years back. So, what's so special about it and why everyone started discussing about it?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bihar Cricket Association (BCA): A Big Joke!

"Bihar Cricket Association(BCA) has been established in Bihar to develop the infrastructure for young generation to give their best effort for the nation in the 'world of cricket'".

The above line at the official BCA website is enough to surprise anyone who knows about this Association and its style of functioning. Surprisingly, no one knows its contribution to the world of cricket , except the BCA officials.

Sachin Inspiration

Sachin Tendulkar was totally inspiring and candid on his 37th birthday (24th April,10) with Star News. He was saying that how his family supported and inspired him to do more hard work when he started playing international cricket. 

"They said that my dream to play for the country has been achieved, but if I stop here, it won't be good, in fact, this is the right time and the right platform to put more efforts to show the world what I can do," the Master Blaster revealed in the interview.