Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sachin Inspiration

Sachin Tendulkar was totally inspiring and candid on his 37th birthday (24th April,10) with Star News. He was saying that how his family supported and inspired him to do more hard work when he started playing international cricket. 

"They said that my dream to play for the country has been achieved, but if I stop here, it won't be good, in fact, this is the right time and the right platform to put more efforts to show the world what I can do," the Master Blaster revealed in the interview.

"My father never used to lose his cool or raise the tone and never ever thrusted his opinion upon me. However, he could have told me to first go for the study and then for the cricket. In contrast, he encouraged and inspired me to give the full commitment to whatever I was doing and gave me the full freedom. It'd be great if I become at least half of like my father," he said, remembering his father.

It's really amazing that Sachin, who was so mature even in that tender age that he realized that freedom also brings the responsibilities and worked harder to reach where he is today!

The tallest in the world of cricket - Sachin R. Tendulakar  is so humble, soft spoken and totally unaffected from his nearly impossible accomplishments that whoever listens or watches him is in awe.  Yeah - even his critics.

Sachin wish you a happy birth day!
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